Positive Reinforcement Tips for Children with ADHD


Being a provider of behavior therapy in Miramar City, we specialize in managing behavior. Here are our expert tips on positive reinforcement for children with ADHD:

  • When your child acts nicely or follows instructions, immediately praise him
    Describe what he or she did right and explain why you are satisfied with the conduct. Being specific with your praises can help them learn to do more good behavior.
  • Give your child different forms of praise for their good conduct
    “Thank you,” “good job,” and “I appreciate what you did” are some phrases that can help a child remember the benefits of positive reinforcement. Be cautious since overusing a term might make it lose its significance.
  • Keep your expectations consistent
    Children are better equipped to behave well when they are aware of what to expect and that certain actions will result in rewards. Additionally, it aids kids with ADHD in avoiding confusion about what is expected of them in certain circumstances.

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