Addressing Aggressive Behaviors


Contrary to what we may have been led to believe, people with developmental disorders are not as aggressive compared to other individuals. This is the same with children. However, a child with a developmental disorder may feel a lot of frustration towards their developmental disability.

Everyone would feel angry or frustrated at any time. Instead of labeling this behavior as “not good” and therefore should never be discussed, understanding the reason for such is a helpful step.

As a parent or the primary authority figure to the child, the best way to manage aggressiveness is to show how it can be managed. If they see their role model showing aggressive behaviors or violent actions, they would mimic what they saw.

Raising kids in a calm and supportive environment can nurture the same values in them. Relaxation techniques to remain calm and grounded may be practiced when aggressiveness starts to manifest. When it happens, you can also try to actively divert their attention to something else.

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