Tips on Teaching Generalization to Kids with Autism

Tips on Teaching Generalization to Kids with Autism

Generalization means the ability to learn and execute social skills from one setting to another without constant instruction or guidance. For kids with autism, this could be challenging. This is the reason it’s best to avail of ABA Therapy in Pembroke Pines, Florida to give kids early intervention to improve their behavior in social settings. When teaching kids generalization skills, be sure to bear these insights in mind:

  • They are visual thinkers.
    As kids with autism think with pictures, give them visual instructions. Let them imagine. But before you even start teaching them, consult a professional in Applied Behavior Analysis in Broward County, Florida to know the best visual aids you can use.
  • They might find it difficult to follow or understand long and complicated verbal instructions.
    Keep your instructions simple. If you need them to do multiple tasks, create a list and identify which task they need to do first. Doing this also helps develop useful behavior management skills, such as following instructions and asking questions.
  • Leverage their fixations for schoolwork.
    Many kids with autism tend to show certain attachments to objects. An effective strategy on behavior therapy in Miramar City is to use these fixations as motivations to study. For example, if they’re fixated on trains, integrate trains in their learning materials.

As a social skill, generalization helps autism kids integrate themselves in society faster and more easily. And as they need more attention and care, it would be wise to seek help from experts from Behavioral Initiatives, a company that provides intervention strategies and autism therapy in Hollywood City.

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