An Apt Generalization Skill to Cultivate

An Apt Generalization Skill to Cultivate

Socializing is a real challenge for people with autism. However, learning the art of navigating social situations is also an important one for them to learn. If you have loved ones with autism spectrum disorder, availing of ABA Therapy in Pembroke Pines, Florida is a great way to help them.

Why is generalizing behavioral responses important for people with autism?

People with autism can be trained to respond accordingly to specific situations. However, they might have difficulties deciding when to repeat the same positive response accordingly. For example, when at a party and told to shake hands with a Mr. Jones, people with autism might not know that they should also shake hands with Mrs. Jones when she’s around. Through skills in generalization, they’ll be on trained how to make the same responses appropriately.

What are the behavioral responses that require generalization skills?

Generalization is an essential life skill. As they grow up, people with autism should be exposed to social situations for them to make apt responses. The basic ones are the following:

  • Saying a greeting
  • Saying good-bye
  • Making an introduction
  • Starting and ending a conversation
  • Introducing another person

These skills can help them navigate any social situation effectively. But before training them, avail of Applied Behavior Analysis in Broward County, Florida so that you’ll know their personality and temperament. This will help you create an effective training plan for them.

Are you a new resident in Florida and are looking for a provider of behavior management service to help your autistic loved one learn generalization skills? You might like to find the programs at Behavioral Initiatives useful. Visit the office or give them a call for more details about their services.

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